The land is in turmoil. Humankind has divided itself into small city-states, with each major city fending for itself. War is on the horizon as the vicious and brutal dark elves from the desert nation of Xanthic are making more daring attacks on the Human nations. The Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes have retreated to their forest and mountain homes, respectively, leaving the separate human nations as the only guardian against the Drow Empire. The Drow also seek the aid of a powerful creature: the Phoenix.

Legend has it that whoever is in the presence of a Phoenix when it hatches from its egg will be granted one wish. For a Phoenix egg to hatch, however, it must be brought to an ancient altar in Xanthic. Two adventurers known as Winston and Warbastard were lucky enough to possess one of these eggs for a time. But a close friend and ally betrayed them and stole the egg. The Drow are also in pursuit of the egg, as they believe that it will allow them to carry out their destiny and conquer the land.

A dark and secretive organization known only as the Brotherhood works clandestinely to its own ends, and whose influence is as powerful as it is far-reaching. The head of the organization, known only as Sirius, lost control of the Brotherhood to his Halfling second-in-command: Matias. With the help of the In-Glorious Basterds, Sirius hopes to regain leadership of the Brotherhood. His ultimate agenda remains unknown.

The daring and adventurous mercenary group “In-glorious Basterds,” headed by Winston and Warbastard, set out from their headquarters in the grand port city of Oceanstar to take adventures as they come, all the while searching to reattain their lost Phoenix egg.

Self-proclaimed leader of the In-Glorious Basterds is none other than Warbastard himself. He hails from the savage land of Barbaria, which has only minimal contact with the other human nations. His father died in a war against an opposing barbarian clan, leaving him a bastard of war. His mother was cut down in front of his eyes during a Drow raid, cementing his rage against the Dark Elves. Wielding dual battleaxes, he cuts down his foes with a savage, whirling frenzy.

Winston is a bard who set out from his hometown at an early age, severing all connections with his family. His parents were members of the Brotherhood, although he did not know it at the time. He charms friends and enemies alike with his silver tongue, and aides his allies with song during a battle. Winston is a student of enchantment and illusion magic, and uses them to great effect to slip out of dire situations. He runs the business side of In-Glorious Basterds, taking jobs and spreading their fame, all while turning a tidy profit.

Earnest the rogue is an agent of the Brotherhood and loyal to Sirius. Tasked to help the In-Glorious Basterds, he solves problems with wit and guile. He’s not bad with a sling, either.

Radiv was a member of the In-Glorious Basterds who betrayed the party and his Monk order when he stole the valuable and precious Phoenix egg. The reason for his actions remain unexplained.

The Harrowing Adventures of Winston, Warbastard, and "Friends"

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