Jonathan Crew

He always looks out of place with bright yellow and green shell or scale like armor. I wonder what it's from?


Weather controlling Druid + Barbarian that mainly stays in the form of Dinosaurs, such as those he grew up around.


Though he has been out of the public for years, John’s childhood was anything but peaceful. He grew up with his parents constantly moving from place to place for reasons unknown. Before he was five his mother shoved him onto a caravan without saying a word. In the lull of sleep the only thing Jonathan remembers is the sudden shaking and splitting of the ground beneath them. Hours later he was to wake up in a strange settlement of elves, an artificial sun, and no parents. It was here that he grew up as a sort of “community child” with no real one guardian. Years passed until one day he met a small group of humans that reminded him of his real home…

At this time he suspects his parents had something to do with the Brotherhood, though he’s not sure exactly what. He feels the least he can do for the memory of them is to find out why he was abandoned.

[Father possibly part of the brotherhood, or hired to kill a high ranking member of it, caught and either killed or taken in. Mother knew what was coming so she sent him to live with family until everything was straitened out.]

Jonathan Crew

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